Vernon Wells to the Mets?

Why can't JP concentrate on dealing Wells instead of Halladay. He'd save a lot more money, open up a spot for Snider since Rios can play center, and would be able to add at least 1 FA or 2 in the off season. The Mets wouldn't give up much due to salary implications, but have to make a move if they want to keep up with the Phillies and Marlins. Candidates in return: anyone of minimal value (pitchers and hitters). 2 B prospects would be good enough here and makes sense on both sides with all the injuries the Mets have had.


  1. There is no way that I would ever trust Rios playing center field, maybe snider tho.

  2. I agree that he wouldn't be the long-term CF, but he has the legs to get it done.