Jays - Rays Draft Comparisons

 Reviewed the Jays and Rays draft comparison to include position for each draft. It tells quite a different story than my previous review on this site.



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The Chapman Sweepstakes

The Jays are the newest team to look at Aroldis Chapman as an option. They have slightly under $63 million spent thus far, so a bid of $25 to 27 million would not be out of the question. The question is, does he want to play in Toronto knowing they're in full rebuilding mode? I'm pretty sure that most players coming in from other countries look at the Jays as a last alternative, so the money would have to be significantly greater than that offered by other teams. So what have other teams offered thus far? Well, the amounts rumored are simply that, rumors, and no years were disclosed in rumors, making the amounts a little more arbitrary. Still, we can look at what the total means for the Jays in terms of getting in on the bidding.
  1. Florida Marlins: $13 million
  2. Boston Red Sox: $15.5 million
  3. LA Angels: preparing to make an offer - should be more than these amounts if they're expecting to have a chance at getting him
Let's say that for argument's sake the amounts are for 5 years. I'm using this number based on what was initially rumored to be sought for in terms of a $50 million 5 year contract - which seems a little ludicrous. We're currently edging towards offers of 3-4 million per season for a pitcher who could end up in the bullpen. Scott Downs is set to make a salary within this amount in 2010 for comparison, which indicates that this value seems the most accurate if he end up there. However, there is no way that these amounts are what Aroldis and his agents will settle for. Chances are greater that once the Yankees and Angels get involved, the salary will be closer to 6-8 million per season. The total would become somewhere in the vicinity of $30 million to $40 million. The Jays do have $25 to $27 million available if they want to remain below $90 million for 2010, and could increase this to $37 million by dealing both Scott Downs and Lyle Overbay.

I understand the fact that Alex would be interested in a young pitcher and that he wants to get involved in Dice K like competitive bidding. It doesn't cost the Jays a player, doesn't put the future of the franchise in jeopardy by committing an obscene $80 million plus to most #1-2 pitchers that hit the FA market, and would allow him to move a SP should he work out if signed.

Did Jays scouts like what they saw? If they did, why haven't the Jays made a formal offer? After watching Alex work for the first 2 months of his tenure, we can say that he moves decidedly, so I'm guessing the reasons are these: the agents sought either too many years or too much money and the Jays want to see where the market leans and outbid based on this amount. The Jays could do well here if they land him, but I also hope that if they do sign him, it isn't money sunk on a relief pitcher that sucks up close to 10% of our budget yearly.