1 Run losses are killing the Jays

Small margin losses are the difference between the current losing streak(s)the Jays are experiencing and the awesome beginning to the season they had. In May and some of June, the Jays were winning these close battles and coming out on top. I'm not sure what changed, the pitching has been a little harder to get on track, but it's frustrating to see so many 1 point losses. It seems the answer may be how hard it has been for the Jays to get great performances from the starters followed by shut down performances from the pen. Either the pen has issues, or the starters don't get it done. Either way the Roy Halladay sweepstakes are well under way and I've come up with some scenarios I'd like to see happen, but they're probably pipe dreams. I do expect him to go to one of these teams:

LAA, LAD, STL, PHI, CHW, Tex (in order of likeliness)

The first 2 are obvious because they have all 4 ingredients needed. They have the money, the players to deal, the willingness to win it all at all costs, and the probability of signing Roy long term once he gets there. Both would become/remain so dominant in their divisions. ST-Louis is a wild card to me because I just don't see who they'd give the Jays. Sure they could hand out Daryl Jones, Jamie Garcia (injured), Richard Castillo, and a ton of others.....but I don't see how they have enough without including Rasmus, and I doubt they would. I expect the Cards to want Tallet instead, with Rolen a possibility to return there. Philadelphia's offer would begin with Drabek or Carrasco and their GM has said he won't deal either one of those or Dominic Brown, so scratch them out. I doubt they're hungry enough to win now that they already have 1 championship from last season. The CHW would need to start with Gordon Beckham and I can't see that happening. Maybe the Jays would take a deal similar to what they offered for Peavy, but it would take a bit more than that. Would I be happy with that if I were JP? Hell no. Neither Poreda or Richard is ever going to be a #2, nevermind a #1. If Texas finds a way to deal with its money/ownership woes, they are THE perfect fit. Neftali Feliz, Neil Ramirez, Nelson Cruz, Chris Davis, and Manuel Pina for Wells, Overbay and Halladay. Vernon goes home and is reunited with his best friend, Michael Young. The Jays get much younger and 2 potential top 2 pitchers, as well as 3 players. Like I said, a pipe dream, but it would be fun to see Cecil, Rzep, Feliz, McGowan, Ramirez in the rotation for 2010 and beyond.


  1. Not to nit-pick, but in baseball, you score runs, not points