So here we go....

Run down of possible Jays trades I've read rumours on in the last 2 days:

1- Roy will go to Philly in a package centered around 1 of Drabek, Taylor, or Brown (I'm guessing it would be Taylor and Donald with 3-4 more.)

2- Wells may be tradeable if the Jays do 1 of two things: eat another bad contract in return to lower the other team's costs, or pay for half his salary once he's gone to minimize their costs and maximize their returns.

3- The most likely to be traded is 3B Scott Rolen who's value has skyrocketed now that he's healthy, hitting very well and more importantly hitting in clutch situations. With world series experience, he'll be one big piece for the team who lands him. Word is that St-Louis wants him back, so look for them to send 1-2 prospects back in return.

4- The Angels have the package needed to get a deal for Roy done, but haven't been aggressive as of yet.

5- Tallet has not drawn any interest despite his versatility and effectiveness this season. If he is traded it will most likely be in a deal that includes Rolen, Wells, or Rios.

6- Only Jays that will NOT be traded at any cost this year: Hill, Lind, Snider, Cecil, Rzep, Romero. Everyone else has a price tag attached.

7- Most likely to go that hasn't been talked about in trade talk: Lyle Overbay. He plays strong D, has a decent bat, and is the best 1B on the market right now aside from Aubrey Huff. Look for Lyle to be involved in a possible trade with SF, ATL, or FLA for 1 or 2 prospects.

8- An intriguing piece asked whether or not Barajas and Scutaro will be resigned or used as trade chips this season. They have both played well above their pre=season value and were a big part of the beginning of the season for the Jays. What would they get in return? That will drive JP's decision, but if they can resign them at a decent cost they better do it, because the Jays don't have a ton of depth at those positions. Perhaps a Doc deal is intended to fix that....

9- Clay Buchholz will throw for the Jays tomorrow....lol. If they like what they see, a deal could be done by the end of the weekend. Not only does Boston have motivation to get Doc in order to prevent the NYY from landing him, but they have the goods to get it done while not crippling their minor league system.

10- If Clay shines it may drive other teams (STL, LAA, PHI) to heighten their offers because they will perceive the Sox to be in the lead. If not, they may sit back and wait for the cost to come down. It better not come down at all JP....you stick to your guns.....or we'll have to talk!!!

My prediction for Doc is still that he'll land in either LAA, STL, or BOS. It all depends on whether he wants to pitch with his old friend Chris Carpenter in STL, to go to the beach and retire with a tan, or go to beantown and be in a pressure filled environment. I predict he stays in the AL because he knows the hitters and the parks. The fact that STL and PHI keep putting restrictions on the deal, like not trading an arm AND a leg (who says that?), makes me think they'd rather get a lesser cost SP like Guthrie or Tallet.


  1. I think the Blue Jays will be hard-pressed to trade Halladay before the July 31st deadline. If they don't deal him by then, his trade value goes down further and further. If they're going to do it, I'd rather they do it now so the Jays can start rebuilding sooner rather than later.

  2. Yeah, it seems that all teams have downplayed his value and are trying to lower the price. I don't think JP will move him if nobody makes a serious offer. His reputation is on the line with this deal, so hopefully he does better than the Twins did with Santana.