The Bullet JP Dodged - Julio Lugo

Way back in 2006, just one season after the Jays went haywire and signed both AJ Burnett and BJ Ryan to huge contracts worth a total of 102 million dollars for 5 year contracts, Jays fans were adamantly screaming for JP to sign "the final piece to the puzzle" - none other than shortstop Julio Lugo. At the time, Lugo had just finished off a 12 HR/24 SB season while hitting .272. The Jays refused to meet his demands (that resulted in a 4 year 36 million dollar contract with Boston) and decided to go in another direction. Since then, Lugo has cost the Red Sox 23 million dollars, and will cost them yet another 13 million while he waits to be picked up by another team. So what did the Sox get for their 36 million over 2 and a half seasons?

940 AB, 236 Hits, 10 HRs, 103 RBIs, 48 SBs, and an average of .251

I am often critical of the moves, or non-moves, that JP Ricciardi makes. But in this case, he struck gold when he went out and got Marco Scutaro, and really avoided one hell of a waste of money with Lugo. Good dodging JP! Now let's see what you get the Jays before the break.....

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