Mor-of-a chance the Jays deal Doc!

Melvin Mora made sure that spirits didn't get too high by starting a new winning streak when he belted his first home run in 50 games. With each loss, it becomes more and more likely that the Jays will look to move Doc.

I don't want to take anything away from the Jays in this game because it was really only 2 mistakes that cost them the game. Carlson's gift to Mora is the first, obviously, but the second is less obvious. They clearly need to review how to lead off from first base since 2 veterans, Wells and Rolen, were caught stealing in situations that could have grown into at least one run being scored. Romero threw a great game, 8 innings of 3-run ball , striking out and walking 3 in the process. Frasor and League each had strong relief outings thereafter, so there are a lot of positives to take from this game. It would have been nice to have gone on a mini winning streak before the break, but with the losses mounting it is more likely than ever that JP will use the All-Star break as a time to move Doc. I would be very surprised if rumors didn't intensify and if a deal wasn't close or done by this time next week. Let's cross our fingers and toes and hope JP is smoking anything when he makes this deal happen...

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