Cecil to the rescue!

So what is the cure for losing streaks and bad times on an MLB club? For the Jays, the answer is the great young pitching that's proving how great the future of the rotation is. Bret last 6 very strong innings, and had he not thrown 96 pitches by then he may have been left in for the 7th. He only allowed 4 hits and 2 walks while striking out 5 and allowing no runs. It's a good thing he and the pen were lights out because the offense didn't really provide much of a cushion with only 2 runs of support. The unlikely candidates, David Dellucci and Raul Chavez, drove in the 2 runs and Alex Rios was the only Jay with 2 hits in the game (both doubles). The Jays return to .500 with the win and have to be getting more and more comfortable with the thought of dealing Doc when they see Marc and Bret's potentials in the rotation.


  1. Hmm, I think the text in your banner should read "...an entire country of loyal fans BACKS them up." Just a thought.

  2. I do believe that backs would be singular, whereas my phrase means that the "fans back them up". You can't say "fans backs them up." Thanks anyway :)

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