RHP Ryan Shopshire - GCL Blue Jays

Ryan, who stands a lofty 6'5" and 200lbs, has shown some of the best stuff out of the GCL Blue Jays so far this season. In 3 games, he has thrown 12 innings, struck out 14 while walking 5 and allowing 5 earned runs. His latest start last night was his best so far, with 5 shutout innings against the GCL Yankees where he struck out 4, walked only 1, and allowed only 3 hits. At 23 years old, Ryan is fairly old for the GCL, but is nonetheless showing his stuff and could get a chance in Lansing or Dunedin at some point this season.

Interesting note thus far for Ryan: he has a 0.00 ERA, 8 IP, 5 HA, 2 BB, and 11 Ks when bases are empty, but has an 11.25 ERA, 4 IP, 5 HA, 3 BB, and 2 Ks when runners are on base. Clearly Ryan is uncomfortable with runners on and needs to work on this aspect of the game to advance.

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