Jays 5, Marlins 6

Too little, too late. Sure, the top 5 guys in the lineup were able to draw 5 walks, but not one of them got a hit to go with their walks, leaving the bottom of the order to do the work. Rios was the star of the show for the Jays and has been on fire ever since the autograph incident took place. Hopefully it lit a fire under him that will last all season. Rios and Overbay hit their 8th home run of the season each, while Rios went 4 for 4 overall with an added stolen base. Janssen was horrible in his start, but Camp picked him up fairly well with 1 ER over 3 innings. Ryan, Frasor, and Downs shut down the Marlins from there and allowed the bats a chance to catch up, but ended up being 1 run short.

I'm not sure if the switch to the 6-hole is the reason Rios is doing so well, but one thing is for sure, it didn't help Wells any. I'm getting really tired of watching his ABs and lackadaisical attitude. I don't know if anyone has the name and number of the autograph seeker that riled up Rios, but I'd love to get them so I can send him to do the same to Wells. He's becoming the Jays version of David Ortiz this season and he should be in the 7-hole, right behind Rios.

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