Injuries piling up in MLB, Affecting Trades

Let's see what the latest injuries mean to the trade landscape in MLB:

1- Roy Halladay. He tweaked his groin and could miss his first start since 2007. Although this could mean a slide in the standings for the Jays, he is also their best trading chip, which equals to a horrible scenario for JP who may only have an expensive Wells or Rios as trade chips.

2- Jake Peavy. You have to feel bad for the Pads, who would most likely have already moved him if it were not for the decent start to the season. Even though the have lost Peavy for 6-8 weeks, they still have one hell of a trading chip in Adrian Gonzalez, who can bring returns of at least 3-5 prospects depending on the quality. At least Peavy's injury is an ankle and they may get a chance to move him just before the deadline anyhow.

4- Jason Donald. Yes, he's a minor league player, but he was also the most rumored trade chip for the Phils to use in an attempt to get another arm for their rotation. As a result, another minor league player - Michael Taylor - or maybe even Shane Victorino, become the best trade chips for the Phils. I added Shane because teams may like his proven talent more and the Phils can always shift Werth to center and bring up Taylor to play RF.

5- Erik Bedard. Shoulder inflamation generally means a price drop if you deal an arm like Bedard's, and that's exactly what is ailing him. Will a team take a chance that he returns to form easily? Not likely, and definitely not at the price the Mariners paid to get him.

6- Jason Isringhausen and Troy Percival. In this case, it just means that the Rays will be actively looking for relief pitching, and lots of it.

7- Carlos Quentin. His injury has meant a slide in the standings for the Sox and has left them in limbo over whether or not they should sell. They've already started calling up some young talents in Beckham and Poreda, so the fire sale may be coming to a park near you very soon.

8- Kyle Lohse. He's not exactly an ace, but he's extremely important to the Cards and their chances to make the playoffs. If his injury lingers on, look for the Cards to make a move for Brad Penny or one other pitcher.

9- Brandon Webb. Many will say that his injury has led the D-Backs to become the basement dwellers in the West and will end up requiring a fire sale of sorts. With Parra proving himself worthy of an OF spot, look for Byrnes and Jackson to be on the block.

10- Reyes, Delgado, Maine, Putz, Perez. Yes, the Mets are still strong and still in second place in the NL East, but if one more injury occurs to their SP staff or to a key player, they may be left lagging behind very quickly. The Mets could end up selling some vets if their fortunes continue to get worse.

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