Believe it or not, it could have been worse!

The Jays lost 11-3 to the Marlins today in what was the culmination of a really atrocious week for the Jays. Even Cito has started to doubt the production of his lineup and has started to tinker with it in order to get more runs across the plate. So let's recap the last 3 days:

1. Roy gets tight and all Jays fans start holding their collective breath;
2. Janssen shows that he is very rusty and may have up and down starts from here on;
3. The unorthodox #2 of the staff, Brian Tallet, lands hard on his butt Sunday and may be tiring after throwing more innings in a half a season than he has in most entire seasons.

So if Roy stays out and the other 2 are ineffective.....what do we do? Change 3/5 of the staff? This is getting pretty depressing. Bloggers and columnists everywhere seem to be blaming Wells more than anyone else for his mostly lackadaisical play. It seems like the second half of the year may be painful for us Jays bloggers.

For the game recap, in a nutshell, it sucked. Let's see, the Marlins got 18 hits, 2 walks and left 24 base runners on base overall. And for those who keep protecting League.....check out his stats over his last 4 appearances. He's on a downward spiral. The Jays need to pressure "the regulars" by bringing up young guys to play in their places. Replace Bautista, Inglett, and Carlson with Lane, Emaus, and Accardo, that's what I say. Shake it up. Because it seems to me like the lineup is too "safe". And wells doesn't deserve to hit in the top 6. He should be hitting 7tyh or 8th at the most. This is getting pessimistic, so I'll end it here.

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