Updated Jays Pitching Depth

In order to maintain some sort of order of what's going on in Blue Jays pitching land, I will attempt to classify the CURRENT rankings of the entire depth in Blue Jays pitching from MAJ to LoA in the order they would be called on, with the DL guys off the top 5 or at the bottom depending on the length of injury.

1- RHP Roy Halladay
2- RHP Scott Richmond
3- LHP Bret Cecil
4- RHP Robert Ray
5- LHP Brian Tallet
6- LHP David Purcey(DL- pitching in Las Vegas)
7- RHP Casey Janssen (DL - pitching in Dunedin)
8- LHP Ricky Romero (DL- not pitching yet)
9- RHP Jesse Litsch (DL-not pitching yet)
10- RHP Wade Miller
11- LHP Brad Mills
12- LHP Davis Romero
13- LHP Fabio Castro
14- RHP Dick Hayhurst
15- LHP Brian Burres
16- LHP Luis Perez
17- LHP Marc Rzepczynski
18- RHP Brandon Magee
19- RHP Henderson Alvarez
20- RHP Randy Boone
21- LHP Charles Huggins
22- RHP Reidier Gonzalez
23- LHP Ryan Page
24- LHP John Anderson
25- RHP Andrew Liebel
26- RHP Marcus Walden
27- RHP Kenny Rodriguez
28- RHP Jonas Cuotto
29- RHP Ryan Koch
30- RHP Josh Wells
Long Term DL - RHP Shaun Marcum
Long Term DL - RHP Dustin McGowan

One thing I notice in the Jays pitching depth is that just a bit more are righties. Other than that, I see a ton of strength once most of the pitchers on the DL return healthy. The top 10 are very strong (with Tallet surprising everyone, for now) and I'm not sure which one of Romero-Litsch-Janssen-Purcey will be left in AAA, but as it stands one will be left out when all are healthy. Out of the guys who are carrying the load now, Cecil and Ray will return to AAA and Tallet to the pen with a ton of confidence. So what happens when Marcum returns? And next year when McGowan returns and Cecil is ready for the MLB?

The Jays have a very promissing pitching future on their hands and their AA/A staffs are very strong as well. The guys all of the way down to #20 are close to ready and could do well if called upon. Any baseball manager will tell you that you can never have too much pitching, but the Jays do have a lot of it with lots of spare parts to throw in when necessary. The young guys are getting experience early, learning what's needed to perform at a high level, and the Jays are still winning with them in the game. I know you can't evaluate and compare all MLB pitching staffs and depth charts effectively because nobody can agree on the value of all players, if any, but I do think the Jays are in the top 10. Hopefully they can use it effectively and get us another pennant or/and campionships.

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