Manny gets 50 games

Arod returns, Manny leaves, either way these two guys just can't stay out of the news. I can't figure out if they're baseball players or marketing addicts. The whole substance issue is frustrating and unforgiving. Sure, Manny loses some marks on his rep and gets to put on weight while on holiday, but the real losers here are Dodger fans who depended on Manny to anchor their lineup. Now they have to scramble and come up with a way to stay effective on offense without the guy that seemed to save the franchise last year and helped them break a record for home wins this season. Does that record now get an asterisk beside it? Just a thought.

I'm seriously not certain whether my life as a baseball fan would be emptier or fuller if the Arod and Manny sagas didn't exist. I'm sure there would be something else to focus on, but would it be as divisive, controversial, and ethically challenging? I doubt it. Regardless, I think that way too much of American and Canadian time, money, and effort is spent on reporting what these 2 morons do, should do, can't do, might have done, should be doing, ect.. ect.. There is so much wasted talent...I wish a guy like Eckstein could reach into their bodies and pull out half of their talent and size, then we'd have one hell of a ball player on our hands that would be worth covering with all of this effort, time, and money.

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