The Affiliates - 3,4,5,6 May AA, AAA Recaps

New Hampshire 4, Binghamton 3
New Hampshire 8, New Britain 3
New Hampshire 0, New Britain 2
New Hampshire 3, New Britain 5
New Hampshire 12, New Britain 0
- NH starting pitching continued their strong season with only 13 runs allowed over 5 games. The offense really took some frustration out on NB in the 7th May game to go along with an outstanding start by Brandon Magee, who was pitching in his second game since being called up from Dunedin. He only struck out one, but lasted 5.1, allowed only one run, and only 3 hits. Luis Perez also had a strong game on the 6th, lasting 6 innings with 4 hits allowed and two earned runs. However, he was outpitched by Devries who then had Delaney and Slama shut the door behind him for NB. Randy Boon won his 3rd game of the season after going 5innings, striking out 5.

Las Vegas 2, Salt Lake 4
Las Vegas 2, Fresno 10
Las Vegas 8, Fresno 6
Las Vegas 9, Fresno 5
- Las Vegas had two slow games, and two very effective offensive games. However, in all starts the relievers had questionable to horrible outings. Sadly, the one great start was from Burres who may eventually get another shot in the bigs if he keeps pitching 7 innings of one run ball with 6 Ks. Harper and Ruiz have led the offense while JP Arencibia smacked his 2nd homer of the season, let's hope there's more where that came from. Fabio Castro had the most impressive start with 7 strong innings of 2 hit ball and 3 SO in only his second start at the AAA level. He is doing more than enough to put himself in contention for MLB starts if needed. David Purcey also had a good outing with 6.1 IP and 2 runs allowed.

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