Prospect Profile - 1B Brian Dopirak

1B Brian Dopirak had been released by the Chicago Cubs only a year after being the minor league player of the year before he signed with the Jays. At 6'4" 230 lbs, Brian has strength and enough power to be a prominent 1B in MLB. He recently stated that he is grateful for the second chance, stating that "Every time I step on the field, whether it's raining, or I'm getting beat or having a bad day, I'm grateful to be wearing a Blue Jays uniform."This kind of team loyalty is exactly what the Jays want, and need if they're going to compete against the Rays, Yanks, and Sox.

His stats thus far in 2009 in AA (he may be sent to AAA soon enough) are,

113 AB, .327 AVG, 10 doubles, 1 triple, 7 HR, 26 RBIs, .619 SLG, 1.013 OPS.

Whether he gets a taste of the big leagues or not, it is evident that the Jays have so very useful potential in AA in Mr.Dopirak. At 26 he is still young and learning to hit and is just starting to approach that hitter's wonderland of 26-29 yrs old where many careers are defined. Hopefully he gets a shot to prove what he can do and the Jays would love for him to develop into a solid #3-6 hitter.

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