Jays 6, OAK 4 - May 9th 2009

Pitching: Brian Tallet continues to impress and will make things difficult for Cito once the DL Jays return. He threw a 7 inning 2 hitter yesterday with 7 Ks and only 2 walks. The bullpen is now so fresh that they may have to go down to AAA to get some work in!!! Carlson shut out the A's in the 8th, but Downs did make things interesting in the ninth by allowing 3 runs on 5 hits and a walk.

Offense: Rios and Chavez were the only Jays without a hit. Overbay smacked his 5th homer of the season and Snider continued to heat up with a solid double and a 2 for 4 day. Another significant point for the Jays was that they stole 2 bases (Bautista and Wells), not exactly the strong suite of their lineup. The fact that they are now running as well as hitting is significant and encouraging for Wells especially. The D stepped up with 2 double plays turned and no errors.

Extra Note: The attendance was only slightly above 15,000, not exactly a booming crowd for a Saturday game.

Next up: Bret Cecil (1-0) gets to fight for his rotation spot possibly for the last time before going back to AAA, against Dallas Braden (3-3, 2.50).

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