What the Depth Chart Tells Us

The post Doc trade and pre-Christmas offensive position depth chart is as follows:
  • C: John Buck - Ramon Castro - Raul Chavez - JP Arencibia
  • 1B: Lyle Overbay - Brian Dopirak - Randy Ruiz - Brett Wallace
  • 2B: Aaron Hill - Jarrett Hoffpauir - Mike McCoy - Brad Emaus
  • SS: Alex Gonzalez - John MacDonald - Mike McCoy - Jarrett Hoffpauir - Jose Bautista
  • 3B: Edwin Encarnacion - Brett Wallace - Jose Bautista
  • LF: Adam Lind - Jose Bautista - Mike McCoy
  • CF: Vernon Wells - Mike McCoy - Jarrett Hoffpauir
  • RF: Travis Snider - Jose Bautista - Mike McCoy
  • DH: Randy Ruiz - Adam Lind - Brian Dopirak - Jose Bautista - everyone else
What does this depth chart tell us? Well, first it tells us just how useful Mike McCoy, Jose Bautista, and Jarrett Hoffpauir are going to be off the bench. I posted about Mike McCoy's wealth of experience at all positions at Jays Journal at FanSided.com. It also tells us that the Jays are fairly well set all over the diamond, but will have to move Lyle Overbay if they're going to give Brian Dopirak or Brett Wallace a chance to earn the 1B spot in 2010. With the 3 guys behind him holding the power that the Jays desperately need, it shouldn't be long before he finds his way out of Toronto.

Although LF is fairly well set overall, and I do expect Mike McCoy to get lots of playing time there due to his speed and coverage in the OF, the Jays could definitely use a new RF in order to shift Travis Snider to LF full time. I'm not sure if the Jays will be on the lookout for a new RF on the FA market, or whether they want to acquire one through trade, but the fact that the 40-man roster is full would tell us that the trade option may be most likely.

Any ideas on who the Jays could target to fill the RF spot?


  1. Typically, the Jays utilize a 7-man bullpen, which means there will be only 4 bench spots. Jmac and the backup catcher will take two of them. If not starting, JoBau will take another, which will leave only one spot for McCoy and Hoffpaiur to battle for.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out, but my intent was not to show who would be active on the 25-man roster, but to show the position depth the Jays have to work with. I also believe it won;t be too long before the Jays move Overbay and perhaps Alex Gonzalez to new teams (by mid-season at the latest), moving those listed above up the ladder. McCoy definitely has the most potential to win that last bench spot to start the year. He's played all positions except catcher and 1B.