The Jays Nab Morrow from M's

I wrote an article at Jays Journal about the trade, and am certain every blogger out there will have an opinion on the trade. You have to believe it was dreamed up during the Doc dealings, where the Jays most likely voiced their preference of Morrow in a deal, and you can't blame them. He's young, cheap, under control through 2013, and has potential as a starter. While some wonder if the Jays will start Morrow or place him in relief, I think the fact that they're willing to deal both Brandon League and a prospect for him tells us he's going to get a chance to start and was priced accordingly in a deal.

League, meanwhile, gives the Mariners a nice 1-2 punch in the pen and provides some insurance for Aardsma, should he falter in 2010.

It was a very trade by Alex "The Great", and he's definitely living up to his name thus far. I love the deal and do hope they give Morrow a chance to start. Nothing says a change of speed in the rotation like a guy who can hit 100 MPH with his fastball!


  1. Fishercatsfan12/22/09, 9:36 AM

    The prospect is believed to be Brian Dopirak according to some Ms sites. If so that means to me that the jays are keeping Overbay. Hopefully not though.

  2. I thought so as well, but then someone pointed out that Randy Ruiz, Brett Wallace, Mike McCoy, and even Jose Bautista could fill in at 1B should Overbay be traded. I'd still expect the Jays to move Overbay, most likely to Atlanta. It is surprising though that the Jays didn't move Overbay to the Mariners in this deal. It seems he would fit their lineup perfectly and is fairly cheap. It's possible the M's figured they've given up enough prospects lately and would rather pick one up instead. That and Dopirak is much cheaper and has more power potential.

  3. FisherCatsfan12/22/09, 8:43 PM

    BlueJays.com is reporting it to be Johermyn Chavez now.