RP Zechry Zinicola is the Jays Rule 5 Pick

RHP Zechry Zinicola was a 6th rd pick, 181st overall, in 2006. Now 24 years old, he has developed into a decent relief pitcher, but not exactly spectacuar. The Jays must expect to trade one of their own RP (Accardo, Downs, Frasor) in order to make room for Zechry in the pen. He pitched in AA and AAA last season, will a total of 43 GP, 54 IP, 47 Ks, 19 BB, 67 hits against and a 5.33 ERA. Not exactly stellar, but he did convert 5 saves in AA. Maybe the Jays see a little bit of Brian Tallet in him.

We'll see if he sticks around, but it's not the kind of high impact pick I was expecting from Alex A. Grade B-

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