LAA Willing to Deal Aybar

It appears that the Angels have made one of their untouchables available in Doc trade talks. The Denver Post's Troy Renck reports that now that LAA GM Tony Reagins, they essentially become the front-runners in a Doc deal. I'm not sure how that holds water when Jesus Montero is the big piece in New York, Clay Buchholz is the big piece in Boston, Wade Davis is the big piece in Tampa Bay, and Kyle Drabek is the big piece in Philadelphia, but that's what he's saying today.

It does alter the possibilities quite a bit when lookng at the pieces that the Angels could deal. With Seattle piling on the pressure with their high OBP top 2, the Angels may be the hungriest trade suitor out there for the Jays, so I do believe Mr. Renck's opinion is probably right based on the information we have today. Where I don't agree with him is in that he includes Joe Saunders as the key pitcher coming back in the deal. It would not add an depth for the LAA, which I think is part of their plan in dealing with Seattle and others. So, I believe the key piece will be Trevor Reckling, combined with another highly ranked SP prospect and catcher Mike Napoli, and that a reliever like Scott Downs could also be included in the deal on the way to Los Angeles.

But what do I know? I'm just going by need and willingness to deal. I do believe Doc will be traded before christmas, and that Alex would absolutely love to get fair market value from the Angels in order to avoid the scrutiny that would come from seeing Doc in a Red Sox or Yankees uniform.

Huge reach here, but here's the deal I can foresee happening with the Angels, or something similar:

to Toronto - C Mike Napoli or Jeff Mathis, SS Erick Aybar, SP Trevor Reckling, SP Jordan Walden, one or two more lower end prospects

*unless the Jays land Ryan Doumit, in which case OF Peter Boujos could become a piece added instead of Napoli or Mathis.

to Los Angeles - SP Roy Hallday, RP Scott Downs

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