Rosenthal Falls Off His Rocker

Ok, I'm not one to criticize people who draw up trade scenarios since I am one of the biggest cullprits. If I must say so, it's one of the most fun aspects of baseball other than watching a game or watching prospects grow into stars. But, Ken Rosenthal just fell off his rocker and must have drank a little too much beer last night. He suggests that the Phillies could trade Cliff Lee in order to get Roy Halladay......what's the point? So they liked Roy a little more than Cliff at the deadline last year, it doesn't mean they'd jump through what would be flaming hoops to get Doc.

His scenario had Cliff going to various teams in return for prospects. The Phils keep some, trade the others to TO. I believe this scenario will work, but that it will NOT involve Cliff Lee. The Phils want to go into 2010 with 4 guys that can be considered #1 or #2 calibre. They want to win the World Series, plain and simple. Subtracting Lee for Halladay does very little to get them closer.

The one thing I give credit for in his piece is that Rosenthal keys in on the 2 right teams. If the Phillies can trade Joe Blanton and the 7 million plus he'll get in salary to the Dodgers or Mariners and get either Carlos Triunfel or Ivan Dejesus as part of the return, they may be able to flip either player to the Jays, which would satisfy the Jays need for a top-notch SS prospect.

Buster Olney think Doc will be traded very soon, and I agree. Everyone wants to have it resolved. The Angels do, the Phillies do, the Yankees and Red Sox do, and I know Doc and the Jays do. Now that the Phillies are trying to gather the right pieces, they may get it done. But I still have a feeling the Angels will be open to doing the same with one of their SP and getting a deal that tops the Phillies. If the Lee deal is an indication of what the Phils think an ace is worth, I hope I'm right.

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