Finally, Credible Offers are Making the Rounds

Dec. 12th UPDATE: It looks like I was onto something about Trevor Reckling being more appealing than Joe Saunders. Here's the MLBTR link. Thank goodness. The Tao of Stieb has a great article about why Saunders is not worth a deal at all, although I disagree about Doc not going there. It's the best place for him so long as we get different pitchers in return. Whether it's Jered Weaver and prospects, or Trevor Reckling and a couple of others, it needs to be higher end pitching than Joe "please say no" Saunders.

Here's what I had posted on the 9th of December:

When the Winter Meetings started, who would have thought that the LAA, TB, and PHI would become front runners and that NYY and BOS interest would be nil? Not many. But that's exactly what's happened and the Jays "supposedly" have some real credible offers on the table.

Option #1, from LAA: Joe Saunders, Erick Aybar, Peter Bourjos.

Analysis: I am NOT a fan of this offer at all and don't want Alex to take it. While I am a huge fan of Aybar's, both he and Saunders are arbitration eligible and only under control for a few years. Saunders hasn't exactly shined, and if he played for KC instead of the LAA last season, he would of had half the wins he ended up with. His 4.60 ERA and 1.430 Whip don't impress me at all, and he only had 101 Ks in 186 IP, not exactly front line stuff. There's a reason the LAA would be willing to move him. I'd rather the Jays land Trevor Reckling in the deal, which may be the case since nobody knows what the true offer if yet. As for Bourjos, I do think he's a very nice piece in the deal. If the deal had Reckling and another young SP in the deal, I'd like Alex to snap it up.

Option #2, from PHI: J.A. Happ, and one of Dominic Brown or Michael Taylor.

Analysis: Another rumor has it being Hamels instead of Happ. If Brown is actually in the offer, the Jays would have taken it already, so I seriousle doubt they've made him available. Hamels and Brown as a return would be plenty, even if I'm not a fan of the attitude Hamels displayed during the playoffs of 09. I do like Taylor, but if he's in the package, I do expect Alex to ask for 1 or 2 more pieces to be added because his ceiling is lower than Brown's. The one weak point of this offer is that it doesn't fulfil the need for a SS or C, forcing the Jays to look elsewhere to fill those holes.

***New info: apparently the Phils GM doesn't see any deal for Doc taking place for the Phils, so scratch them off the list of suitors.

Option #3, from TB: Wade Davis, BJ Upton, Reid Brignac.

Analysis: This offer wouldfill the SS gap long term, and would allow the Jays to flip Upton for other pieces, supposedly to the Mets in return for Fernando Martinez. So, the return becomes Davis, Martinez, and Brignac. Sold. I'd take this offer over all others simply because the ceiling, contracts, and control over the players are all higher and longer, making the Jays much better for the long term.

In any case, we are pretty aware that the market for Doc is heating up and it does seem like Alex has some credible options to consider. Who knows how many of these rumors are credible, but if they are, Alex has a lot of work on his hands and his heart rate must be through the roof right now.....gotta love that rush!!!

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