Philly Buster?

Seems the Phils have been trying to keep their interest in Doc to a minimum, most likely in hopes to keep the price for Doc low as well. Tom Verducci reports that the Phils are alos willing to trade with other team in irder to get pieces the Jays want around the league. That's a ton of scenarios to consider, too many actually, but what we can foresee is who the Phils can trade to other teams in order to get those returns.
  1. They have 7 starters under contract even without Doc, and rumors are abound that Joe Blanton could be the best piece to trade. Antonio Bastardo and Kyle Kendrick are the other 2 pieces that could be on the move. So, who's looking for pitching and would trade top talent for it......?
  2. The Mets are the obvious choice, but I can't see them helping out the Phils. The Royals, Orioles, and Texas could also use more depth. KC could offer Josh Fields, Tex could offer Engel Beltre, and the Orioles could offer Felix Pie. All of these could fill part of the talent pool handed over to the Jays. But, the team that most needs a guy like Joe Blanton is Houston. The have a very weak rotation and just spent a ton of money reshaping their pen. They could offer a SP like Ross Seaton or Jordan Lyles depending on the returns.
  3. The only other real pieces the Phils could trade to others to get what Toronto wants are OF Ben Francisco and the minor league players that they're willing to deal to others to get the right guys for the Jays in return. 
This is getting very complicated. but it seems that progress is being made in establishing who the players are and what they're willing to deal. Truthfully, the Phillies know they can't win the World Serieswith 2 aces in Lee and Hamels with all the question marks that come behind them. The Angels know they'll have a hard time winning the division if they don't add one of Lackey or Halladay. It's turning into a showdown between the two, and although the Yankees and Red Sox are not in the majority of Doc rumors, I never count them out.

I still believe Doc will be moved before Christmas, unless I misread Alex and he is not able to pull the trigger.

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