Jays Non-News

Here are some useful yet useless snippets:
  • Apparently, Marcus Thames interests the Jays. He can hit it out and makes a great bench guy against lefties. He's a much better "acquisition rumor" than Joey "I get around" Gathright.
  • Buck Martinez is back. After listening to him on XM Radio over the last 6 months, I think it's the greatest move the Jays could have made in terms of announcers. Great knowledge, check. Can talk your ear off, check. Peculiar voice you recognize right away, check. Sold!
  • Peter Gammons, for reasons unknow, tried to make Doc seem like a medical hazard. Note for Peter: if you meant to say that he had a ton of innings under his belt, fine. But don't go around saying he has medical history of injuries. It's just unfounded and makes you seem......a little lost really, and sadly. Seems to me like most of his "news" are personal opinions now and really shouldn't be taken as credible news.
  • Doc and his family are still waiting to hear where they're going. If you're his family, used to living in Florida, by the ocean, where would you rather land.....Philadelphia or Los Angeles? Hmmmm. I have no clue how much say they have, but if it's anything like my family, they're headed to LA.
  • Why is Overbay still a Jay? The Braves, Giants, Mariners, Mets, and others are all looking for a 1B. You can't tell me they wouldn't take a doubles machine off our hands who plays gold glove type D in return for some decent prospects. Send him away, save 7 million or so, and move on to Dopirak and Ruiz! Pronto!
  • Should the Jays send Overbay away and sign Aroldis Chapman? They say they want to rebuild through youth, isn't he the perfect type to rebuild with? I guess it depends on the price, but if he and Chad Jenkins turn out the way they're supposed to, they'd sure make a rotation a feared one when combined with what we already have in Bret and Marc. Trade Doc, trade Overbay, sign Aroldys for 20 million. Done, now build.
What a boring Jays news day. Sorry it was so mundane, but it's all we got!

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