Doc Zings One Under Alex's Chin

It is entirely possible that Doc and his agent wanted to turn up the heat on Alex as he starts packing for the winter meetings. They basically sent him a note that said "make sure that if anyone offers anything at the winter meetings resembling the 2 picks you can expect to gain from letting Doc walk, you'll take it!!!" The Doc camp has officially stated that they will not approve any trade to teams once he reports to spring training. I really don't believe them, but this is what they're saying. If they're trying to sell the fact that with the Jays down and out of the playoff picture in July, an approved trade on the table - they'd sit there and say no to a playoff appearance, they're full of it. But, the intent is there and the writing is on the wall - Doc wants out and he wants out now! He wants to pack his bags, set his family up in a new city, and enjoy his holidays.

Now, if you're the LAA, BOS, NYY, you definitely sit up and pay attention. You now know Alex has no choice. Unless, that is, he and Jays management are content waiting for the picks. Will offers come screaming at the Jays a little more now that Doc drew a line in the sand? Or will they lower their prices since they know Alex is cornered? Thankfully for Alex, neither the Red Sox or Yankees has stated that they will not go after Doc. If one should pull out before Doc is dealt, it would be disastrous to the Jays.

I still believe the LAA will try to bring Lackey back, but if they can use the money they would have given to Lackey to keep Figgins and sign a hitter, then trade for Doc, it may give them the best chance of winning in 2010. They are also key to the scenario, but could easily settle for some of the youngsters coming up through their system and use their money to fill a bigger weak spot - their hitting. Sadly though, the LAA and John Lackey could play a huge role in the Halladay sweepstakes. If John signs before Doc is dealt, and it's with one of the Mets, Phillies, or other team than NYY-BOS-LAA, then the Jays will luck out and can ask for more. If he signs with the LAA, neither the Red Sox or the Yankees will be pressured to sign Doc - but, each will know that if they do get Doc, the other team won't be able to respond accordingly by signing Lackey. Welcome to the Bermuda triangle, where all options seem to appear and disappear. The LAA-BOS-NYY form the triangle, and the islands in the middle are the NYM, CHW, PHI, and LAD.

The 24 style scenario is building and Alex (playing the role of Jack Bauer) is on the hot seat. I personally can't wait to see what he does and how he handles the situation. It will surely be analyzed to death once it happens, and will go a long way to establishing his reputation in MLB and with the Jays. What a lucky guy eh? Oh, Alex, you got the job, now, make sure you get us the best possible deal for one of the - if not the- best player ever to put on a Jays uniform. No pressure. Then, let that player come out and erase all hope he'll resign with the Jays, or that he'll approve a trade after the deadline. Sounds like Chinese torture to me at this point. And I am in fact on pins and needles!!

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