Will Roberto Alomar be a first ballot HOF?

In an article written by the Globe's Jeff Blair, he states that "I don't know if Alomar will be a first-ballot inductee because of his infamous spitting incident but he should be." He is speaking of the Hall of Fame first time ballot option Roberto Alomar, son of Sandy Alomar. However, I don't believe that this will be the deciding factor of his induction at all. Voters realize that players do things in the heat of the moment and umpires have been on the receiving end of abuse from the time baseball started using umpires to regulate games.

I do believe that Alomar will be the first player in MLB history to go into the Hall of Fame with a Blue Jay cap on. After all, he did win two World Series championships with the team and spent 5 years with the Jays, more than with any other franchise. So, why should he get into the Hall? Which items put him above the rest? Well, here are my top 10 reasons:

1- He won 10 Gold Gloves from 1991 to 2001, missing the clean sweep only because he didn't win in 1997;
2- AL-ALCS MVP in 1992, ML AS MVP in 1998;
3- Silver Slugger award in 1992, 1996, 1999, and 2000;
4- was in every All-Star game from 1990 to 2001;
5- 97th all time in MVP voting;
6- One of the best defensive 2B of all time with a career fielding % of .984;
7- 2724 hits in 9073 AB for a .300 career average (198th best career avg of all time);
8- Has 1032 career Walks (99th all time), and 1140 Strike Outs - one of the best ratios for 2B in MLB history;
9- Played on winning teams - made the playoffs every year except his first 3 years with the Padres, and 1994-1995-1998-2000. Made the playoffs 5 years with the Jays, 4 with the Orioles, and twice with the Indians; and
10- Was on base 3806 times, the 56th highest total times on base of all time in MLB.

Some things you may not know about Mr.Alomar

1- Was signed by the SD Padres as an international FA in 1985
2- Was traded to Toronto in December 1990, along with Joe Carter (what a trade), in return for Tony Fernandez and Fred McGriff;
3- The Jays got nothing for him when he left them in 1995, as he was allowed to leave as a FA (bad organizational trend);
4- Was eventually picked up as a FA by the Orioles, who eventually let him go as a FA as well;
5- Signed with the Indians, who traded him to the Mets, who ended up also let him walk as a FA;
6- Sadly ended his career playing for the D-Backs, who traded him to the White Sox, who let him walk before he signed as a FA with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (his last team) in 2005, but never played a regular season game with them as he retired before the season started; and
7- Made a total of over $76,000,000 over his career.

Do I believe that Roberto Alomar will be a first-ballot inductee? Yes, I believe there's a strong chance he will, simply because I believe too many voters don't believe that the majority of the others on the ballot are worthy of being first-ballot inductees, or in the HOF at all in some cases. I am hopeful that Andre Dawson will join him, but skeptical that HOF voters will let a weak ballot affect whether the Hawk can make it in. As for Roberto, other than the ex-girlfriend who sued him because she claimed he has aids, and the spitting incident, he clearly deserves to be in the HOF, regardless of how many years it takes.


  1. In my mind, Alomar is a lock for HOF. Despite all the controversies, Roberto should get the vote for what he did on the field (aside from spitting in Hirshbeck's face).

    It would be great to finally see somebody in Cooperstown with a Jays cap - I will drive the six hours to see that ceremony for sure!

  2. Entirely agree Ian, it will be nice to see and I just might make that trip as well! I've never been to Coop and know I want to some day, so what better time than during the first Jays inductee.

    Side note: the Jays have no numbers retired (other than the automatic Jackie Robinson), would Robert's number be the first?

  3. Hi Mat,

    Nice post! I think The Hawk will get elected this year and to be honest I don't think the spitting thing was a big enough deal for voters to remember, I didn't.

    I think the Blue Jays haven't retired any numbers is because no one plays there beyond 5 years. The list of stars that has been there could make up an entire All-Star team, but they never had that Cal Ripken or Tony Gwynn type player that got to really leave an impression.

    I would retire Joe Carter's number just on that one World Series home run.

    Andre Dawson for the Hall of Fame

  4. Thanks Charley, and love that blogspot! The Hawk deserves it.

    As for the Jays retiring numbers, I do believe that Dave Stieb would be the ideal candidate. He spent 15 years with the Jays, had 103 complete games, a 3.42 ERA and 1.242 whip over 2873 innings with the Jays, and 175 wins. Had he played in the 90s instead of the 80s, he would have been an even bigger piece of the Jays than he is. I think that he represents a decade and a half of growth of the franchise and deserves the credit for leading it for so long.

    Alomar spent a shorter time with the Jays, but it was so spectacular and influential that I believe he will be recognized for that contribution at some point, even if it was just 5 big years.

    Thanks again and I surely hope you get your wish with Hawk in the HOF on the next induction!

    Mat - Blue Jays Daze

  5. Not sure if he's a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but Alomar is surely going in, and he'll surely go in wearing a Blue Jay cap. That will be a good day.