Doc Taking Physical in Philadelphia with Agent in Tow

 11:00 Update: Kyle Drabek is the chosen pitcher coming to Toronto, if you believe the word on the street. That in itself is a massive upgrade from anything the Jays had been offered before. I understand Micheal Taylor as the second piece in the deal since Drabek is included.....but why add another catcher? Wouldn't Aumont or Triunfel, or even one of Saunders or Gillies (both Canadian) make more sense since they're weak spots for the Jays? I don't know, but the newest "stories" have all prospects going from Seattle to Philly, which is "to me" obviously the one portion of the deal. I'm still holding out hope that one more piece from Seattle will be included to the Jays package, but it's looking like Drabek-Taylor-one more is going to be the deal.

 9:50 Update: Some things seem to be sorting themselves out, but I'll believe the true pieces when I see them. Latest update is as follows: Phillies get both Doc and Phillipe Aumont, Seattle get Cliff Lee and Joe Blanton from Phillies, and the Jays get Kyle Drabek, Micheal Taylor, Travis D'Arnaud, and Carlos Triunfel. There is also some money flying around, but that's pretty much it. Don't worry, it will change - just updating the latest!

8:15 Update: Oh the Chaos! Now there are reports of SP Kyle Drabek (from a Philly source, which should be more credible) going to the Jays, and Carlos Triunfel being included from the Mariners. Normally I'd say I was hoping for them to tell us who is in and who is out, but it's way too much fun watching grown up professionals throwing names to the wall in the hopes that some will stick. Crazy. Well, at least they get paid for it!!! This is how bad it is at this point. Jonathan Mayo actually put this out on Twitter "No true confirmations on prospects heading to Jays yet. It could be Aumont and maybe Saunders or Triunfel from M's; Brown plus 1 from Phils." Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but it sounds like he just made that up and threw it out there to get some names in the flow. Maybe he's right, maybe he isn't, but it sure makes me laugh.

 8:00 Update: Ok, now things are getting out of hand. We now have news from the American Press that Domonic Brown, J.A. Happ, and Joe Blanton all took physicals today, presumably because they're being considered in deals. I say deals, because this doesn't mean that they're going to the Jays or Seattle. How these would fit into all of the names we've heard is beyond me, but obviously if the Phillies asked Brown to take a physical, they'd be willing to part with him. It could be possible that the teams involved are not even sure yet how things will work exactly. It's not uncommon for teams to put a deal in place and decide on pieces along the way. That's how the "player to be named later" came to be. That won't be the case this time around, but you have to believe that the conversation are fiesty and the name calling is out of control! Let's hope for a clearer picture by tomorrow.

 6:20 Update: Catcher Travis D'Arnaud is reportedly included in the deal. He was recently ranked as 4th on BA's rankings of the Phillies prospects and played 2009 in LoA. They noted his power and the fact that he had the most doubles in the SAL league. He would be a nice depth addition to a very deep position for the Jays with Carlos Perez, JP Arencibia, and Sean Ochinko all representing very skilled backstops. There's still a ton of debate about the pieces included. Some are saying Micheal Saunders is in, but Brandon Morrow is out. If the Jays are only adding Phillipe Aumont, a reliever, as picthing components of the deal....is it surprising and a little disappointing? After hearing names like Joe Saunders, Clay Buchholz, and Kyle Drabek rumored as pieces in the past...it sure is. But, if it's in favor of making the Jays potent and cheap offensively, I like it.

5:45 Update: I have no idea whether the next two players are going to the Jays or the Phillies, but the deal only makes sense if they go to the Jays. The players so-called "in play" by the sources are SP Brandon Morrow and OF Michael Saunders, who is also Canadian. 

This would break down what we know so far as follows: 

Phillies get Roy Halladay and cash from the Jays
Mariners get Cliff Lee from the Phillies
Jays get Micheal Taylor from the Phillies, and Micheal Saunders, Phillipe Aumont, and Brendon Morrow from the Mariners.

Wow, talk about blockbuster. There may be more, but you have to think these guys were inspired by the blockbuster worked out at the winter meetings by the Yankees-DBacks-Tigers. All of this has yet to be confirmed, but I like the way it's shaping up. The Jays would receive real value that would put its mark on the franchise for a long time at a very affordable rate. All components are top 5 players in their respective team rankings of prospects and all have very high ceilings. I may have to send Alex Anthopolous a gist basket for this one. Alex "The Great" has possibly now earned him name.

 5:20 Update: Two of the pieces coming back to the Jays may already be confirmed, with sources saying Of Michael Taylor and SP/RP Phillipe Aumont are part of the deal.

Phillipe Aumont is a big boy at 6'7" 200lbs and hails for Hull Quebec, adding some Canadian content to the Jays. I can already see the Jerseys coming off the rack in Quebec. He was drafted as a SP and was made into a RP by Seattle thereafter, so it's unclear whether he could or would want to return to starting, but he's potent either way. He had 18 Ks in 12 IP in the AFL this offseason and 59 in 51 IP during the season in HiA and AA and maintained a decent 3.88 ERA. He could be part of the bull pen by mid-season and I'll have to do some considering on order to assert where he sists in the Jays top prospects. Rest assured, it will most likely be a top 10.

Micheal Taylor, also a big boy at 6'6" and 230lbs, is a 5 tool outfielder who has grown in the shadow of the more heralded Dominic Brown as part of a lethal duo of prospect OF. Between AA and AAA last season, Taylor had a .320 average over 428 AB, 20 HR and 21 SB, and a .395 OBP/.549 SLG/.944 OPS line that looks very promising. He immediately becomes the best Jays OF prospect and will look very good in the lineup sometime soon alongside Aaron Hill, Adam Lind, and Travis Snider. The fact that the Jays have control over him for a very long time at a very affordable rate makes him a gem in the deal.

Although it pains me to say that the Doc saga will come to and end fairly soon, since it goves people something to write about, it seems that Doc is just about to become a Philadelphia Philly. The word is that Lee actually could be involved in the deal.....say what? Yep.  Not only that, but Ken Rosenthal and John Morosi and talking like the deal is done!! "The trade is highly complex, sources say, with the Phillies receiving money from the Jays to help pay Halladay's salary next season." The Phillies would be making the deal with Lee on their own, then completing the deal with the Jays. Wow. And now that I've heard to ideas behind it, it doesn't sound too crazy. Here's why:
  • Philadelphia has been trying to get talks going with Cliff Lee in regards to an extension. He wants nothing to do with it, while Doc is more than willing to walk in front of that team once every five starts. Smart man.
  • Seattle, on the other hand, are looking to add pitching and would be more than happy to take the picks that they'd get for losing Lee at the end of 2010 if it means getting an ace for their staff (and possibly more). With guys like Michael Saunders, Carlos Triunfel, and Phillipe Aumont in their minors, the Jays could be interested in many of their prospects.
  • The Angels could also provide some prospects if they're the third team, but for right now it sounds more and more like they're going to be left out in the cold. They are talking to Matsui right now and don't seem too heavily involved. Still, they could swoop in at last minute, as could the Yankees.
  • If all the Phillies have to do in order to get Doc committed for 4-5 years is deal Lee and perhaps one bench player or prospect, it makes sense. 
 It sounds very close to getting done, and I can't wait to analyze this deal thoroughly.

If you are the Yankees, watching this happen around you, with Lackey just signed in Boston and the possibility of Adrian Gonzalez going to Boston in return for Buchholz and Casey Kelly (Boston is also leading the Chapman sweepstakes - rumored), what do you do? Sign Matt Holliday, that's what.

This is getting to get a MAJOR week in the positioning of teams going into 2010.

In other news, our "inherited" 29th overall pick from Boston is just one medical away from becoming a 69th. You have to love this system (insert major sarcasm).

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