Alex adds the 1st Real Impact Piece: John Buck, C (29)

I'll let you guys read through his stats here, but in layman's terms - he's as good if not better than Barajas offensively. I say possibly better because he's reaching that peak performance age for catchers. With the addition of Raul Chavez through a minors deal (perhaps to teach JP some things in AAA) our catching position is getting much stronger. The contract is only 1 year, which gives John incentive to play well and allows for JP to take over in 2011, and for a decent $2 million. With Jason Kendall getting 6 million, Ivan Rodriguez getting 6 million, both over 2 years, this makes Alex Anthopolous look like a genius. Not only that, but he did it extremely quickly - before any other teams could grab him. Word had the Rangers and at least 6 other teams looking to pick him up. I'm liking the start to the post tendering a lot more than the winter meetings.

Acquisition Grade: Grade: A+

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