Newest Team in on Halladay

MLBTR just posted a new team to include in the Halladay Sweepstakes, and the special part of this rumor is that the JAYS CALLED THE CUBS!!!

If the dollar amounts were to match up, this could be the perfect fit for many reasons, here they are:

1 - Halladay goes to the NL, far away from the Jays rivals;
2 - BA recently ranked the Cubs top 10 prospects, and the list includes 5 Short Stops, meaning that the Cubs can afford to let Starlin Castro go without feeling it too badly;
3 - The Jays have been hot on the trail of Milton Bradley, for whatever reason, and could include him as the MLB ready impact guy;
4 - The Jays could also be asking for Josh Vitters to finish off the deal, another weak position for the Jays internally that is also a strong point in the Cubs system with Aramis Ramirez occupying that space for the next many years;
5 - Bradley is owed 9 million in 2010 while Doc is owed 14.25, so the Cubs are only taking on 5.25 million to get Doc. Well worth the grab;
6 - The Cubs get rid of the 12 million owed to Bradley in 2011, while the Jays could benefit from being able to trade him if he has a good 2010, or get compensation picks for him if he plays through 2011 and leaves as a FA. Either way, the Jays should get some return on investment.
7 - A future lineup of Arencibia - Dopirak - Hill - Castro - Vitters - Snider - Lind - Wells seems very strong and generally cheap for the Jays.
8 - Getting Halladay allows the Cubs to watch Harden take his health issue elsewhere without worry, and provides them with a true ace. Halladay, Zambrano, Lilly, Dempster, Gorzelanny, Wells, Samardzija...would go a long way to putting the Cubs in the playoffs.

The sticking point could be adding a SP prospect going to the Jays. The Jays will most likely ask for one and this could be a haggling point. Jay Jackson is one name that could pop up. So I would firmly add the Cubs to a growing list of candidates for Doc. LAD, CHC, PHI in the NL, and BOS, LAA, and BOS in the AL. According to Alex, the Cubs may be the best candidates....

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