Halladay's ode to why he is leaving...

Last night's gem thrown by Doc explains exactly why he is leaving Toronto, either this year or next. Because it doesn't matter how well Doc throws, he knows that Toronto needs to fix its offense before they have any chance of winning - and that he's the key trade to make that happen for the team. Sadly, JP didn't realize this earlier. Before he went on a shopping spree for arms like Burnett and Ryan, and then added an old timer in Frank Thomas. If he had went out for good bats instead, perhaps the Jays would be extending Roy instead of trading him. As it is, he threw his 2 straight complete game (9 innings) with less than 1 ER, for a total of 18 IP, 2 ER, 10 HA, 3 BB, and 17 Ks over his last 2 starts. 4 of his last 5 starts should have been wins, but only 1 resulted in a win due mostly to a lack of offense and lack of bullpen performance. So the way I see it is that Doc should be sitting at about 15 wins, at least, if he played for a better offensive team. Still, he has done everything he absolutely could to heighten his value and to leave the Jays with a legacy once he goes. If JP can't market this into one hell of a trade, he needs to go along with Doc. The latest "demand" the Jays have supposedly made from the Phillies include the following:

Kyle Drabek, J.A. Happ and outfielder Dominic Brown.

However, the Phillies are said to be more comfortable with offering the following:

Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, Jason Donald and Lou Marson.

I would think that since the difference is only really 1 pitcher (I see the Brown/Taylor offerings as even), instead of 1 SS and 1 C, the Jays and Phillies should be able to find some middle ground. However, after seeing Happ pitch last night, it makes me wonder if the Phillies won't lessen their offer a little. A good thing for the Jays is that Charlie Manuel said he would rather take the horse (Doc) if he's headed into a race.

As for the Brewers, they're said to not want to include Gamel or Escobar, and I say it would take BOTH to get a deal done, so scratch them off the list of candidates.

The Cards went for a bat instead of pitching, because we all know batting wins you championships......really? They're out of it.

The Dodgers and Angels are keeping their cards close to their chest, so who knows if they're real players.

The Yankees were scouting last night's game, but were supposedly more interested in Scott Downs than Roy. Boy, did he ever bring his value down over the last 2 appearances, no pun intended.

And finally, the White Sox wild card team have lost 2 straight games now, but sit just 2 back of Detroit in the central. If the Jays can land Beckham and others for Roy and Rolen, they should definitely look at the White Sox as favorites, but who knows if they'll make a strong offer before the end of the week. You have to think Detroit may be looking over its shoulder ad wondering if a combo of Verlander and Doc would take them further into the playoffs, not to mention how well it would mentor the young Porcello.

It's sad to say that Doc may not be a Jay by the end of the week, and I'm hoping I can stop myself from being glued to the Rotoworld scroll in hopes of hearing of a deal....and then evaluating the hell out of it!!

Cheers to Doc, for his trade will hopefully fix what has been ailing the Blue Jays since the early '90s.

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