Meet your DSL Blue Jays

Pos Player Age Country Height Weight
2B Leonardo Ferrini 20 Venezuela 6'0" 147 lbs
SS Daniel Arcila 18 Venezuela 6'1" 152 lbs
SS Gustavo Pierre 17 Dom. Rep. 6'2" 182 lbs
SS/3B Fausto Natera 19 Dom. Rep. 6'1" 168 lbs
DH Simon Vasquez 19 Venezuela 5'11" 201 lbs
RF Sony Javier 18 Dom. Rep. 6'0" 180 lbs
C Carlos Perez 18 Dom. Rep. 6'0" 181 lbs
C Alexys Rodriguez 20 Venezuela 5'10" 175 lbs
1B John Delgado 18 Venezuela 6'3" 210 lbs
OF Carlos Ortega 20 Venezuela 6'1" 155 lbs
CF Carlos Ramirez 18 Dom. Rep. 6'3" 172 lbs
OF Miguel Monges 19 Venezuela 6'1" 184 lbs
SP Deivy Estrada 16 Venezuela 5'11" 178 lbs
RP Jose Vargas 18 Panama 6'0" 166 lbs
RP Alex Ramirez 19 Dom. Rep. 6'2" 188 lbs
SP Denny Valdez 18 Dom. Rep. 6'3" 188 lbs
SP Misual Diaz 19 Dom. Rep. 6'2" 180 lbs
RP Jose Avila 18 Venezuela 6'3" 190 lbs
SP Milciades Santana 20 Dom. Rep. ? ?
SP Steven Romero 18 Dom. Rep. 6'2" 180 lbs
RP Kenllie Santana 19 Dom. Rep. 6'0" 181 lbs

I'll be updating their stats as the summer goes along, but these are the main players thus far. Deivy Estrada, the 16 year old pitcher, is the one huge piece to look at in terms of impact talent on this team. He has started the season extremely strong with 9 Ks in 9 IP and only 2 runs allowed, which is very good for his confidence going forward. Baseball America did a piece on Catcher Carlos Perez, who made their list of top DSL prospects to watch. Gustavo Pierre was paid a $700,000 signing bonus last year and his start is highly anticipated. Catcher Simon Vasquez is another player who's had a good start, starting out with a double, triple, and home run and 6 hits in 18 ABs. We'll see how they pan out, but hopefully there are a couple of gems in here.


  1. Great blog, keep us posted. Any word if Santiago Nessy will be joining his team? Or maybe DSL Blue Jays 2?

  2. Santiago Nessy was just signed July 2nd and therefore has a better chance of making the DLS2 Jays. He is very young, but is supposed to have very good power potential. He is a very long term project, sort of like Juan Duran is to the Reds organization. I'll update his status as soon as he starts to play!