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Missouri RHP Kyle Gibson, who was a top-ten candidate, has a stress fracture in his throwing arm and will likely fall in the draft as a result of the injury. Something similar happened to Tanner Scheppers last year and he fell to 43rd overall. So this situation begs the question: if Gibson falls to the Jays at #20, should they take him? I say that it must depend on the medical information they can gather. I have no idea how often an injury like this can reoccur or what effect it has on the pitcher's state of mind, but if the Jays can get a top 10 talent at #20, they are obligated to at least consider taking him.

I keep looking through the many draft scenarios available out there and find myself divided on whether the Jays will take a bat or an arm with their #20 pick. They do have a sandwich pick, the 37th overall, where they could conceivably get one hell of an arm. Since this draft is so shallow in top-quality bats, I would expect that the Jays may decide to sign one of the few bats available with the #20, followed by an arm at #37....unless Gibson ends up being that #20 pick.

I personally predict that if SS Grant Green or SS Jiovanni Mier are available the Jays will take them first.Then, if LHP Rex Brothers or LHP Mike Minor are available, the Jays will select them in order. Other prime candidates are OF Tim Wheeler or Reymond Fuentes. I'd be surprised if it was someone else, but it would probably end up being an arm.

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  1. Would be nice to see the Jays land Green, but I think Wheeler or Minor are more likely.