Meet New Hampshire's RP Edgar Estanga

I came across Edgar's information while watching highlights of New Hampshire games and liked what I saw, and so do the Jays. The Jays signed him as a non-drafted FA in 2003. Edgar hails from Venezuela, Toronto's Latin American backyard, and measures 5'9" 240 lbs. Visualize that for a moment....ok. Carrying on, he's a 23 year old lefty who was charged with closing duties for a while last season in Lansing, and ended the season 9-3, with 102 IP, 106 Ks, 92 HA, 22 BB, and 9 saves. He led Lansing in wins and was definitely ready for a push forward.

This season, Edgar started the year in Dunedin but was promoted very quickly (after 2.2 innings) to New Hampshire. His stats thus far are:
2-2, with 21 IP, 20 Ks, 15 HA, 11 BB, and 2 saves.

His walks in AA are a little worrisome, and the fact that Edgar is so dominant against lefties may define his role in the pen when he makes it to the Jays. One encouraging fact is that regardless of whether he's facing a lefty or a righty, Edgar gets 1 strike out per inning on average, indicating that he can get out of tough spots if need be. He may need to work on his stamina since he is starting to do what he did last season, which was to have an extremely strong start, followed by a rough second half. Hopefully Edgar can build his stamina because the Jays will need options in the pen at some point with so many guys struggling and he would be a great fit. Look for Edgar to make AAA if he can prove that fatigue isn't a factor from July forward.

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