Jays sign Dellucci

Any time you can get a 12 year veteran such as David Dellucci to sign for league minimum you know you're not getting a super star! However, the depth and experience that David gives the Jays is important and should not be overlooked. David's stats indicate that he averages 15 HR per season if his season stats were extended to 162 games, so they're definitely not getting a power hitter of sorts. He does hit a lot of doubles, perfect for the dome, and hits from the left side as Joe Inglett did and will probably be taking Joe's place in the lineup when facing right-handed pitching. David definitely has more power than Joe overall, but hasn't shown any this year. I initially found this signing curious because I was under the impression that the Jays would give Jason Lane a chance first, but having looked over his stats in AAA I can see why they decided to give David a try first. Jason also hits from the right side, which would create a battle between Jose and Jason instead of having 2 complementing outfielders.

I do question this move because I would rather see the Jays go for someone like Ryan Spilborghs or Matt Murton from Colorado. They would at least cause havoc on the base paths and would have higher ceilings and potential than Dellucci does. Who knows, maybe they'll use Dellucci as a trade chip for one of those 2 in a package since Colorado may want a veteran bench guy, or perhaps Colorado now sees itself contending and doesn't want to make the moves, but I sure hope JP is making the calls to see if he can pry one of those away. While Murton is a right-handed hitter, he hits right-handed pitching extremely well with a .482 average thus far in AAA and may be more affordable than Ryan who has a lot more power and potential.

I give this signing a C+ grade and hope that JP has more in the bag, but do see this as a minor improvement over Joe Inglett when the Jays face right-handers. Drunk Jays Fans has a "Travis Snider" spin to the deal, and I hope that the talk of him a Cito having issues is wrong because they're going to need this kid to perform without the entitlement drama some kids are bringing up with them these days.

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