JP Ricciardi says Jays could be buyers

Paging Matt Holliday to the Jays lineup. Matt Holliday, Jays lineup please. If JP truly has faith in this roster and wants to make a statement while giving the Jays the best chance to win, he'll go out and grab Matt Holliday. A recent interview with parts posted on MLBTR shows just how ready he is to move on from his short stay in Oakland, and he's only going to get more expensive in the end. JP recently said the Jays could be buyers if they're still in the race at the trade deadline, I say don't wait until then - make certain that you are in the race by getting the guy(s) now!! I'm not sure exactly what the Jays would have to give up to get him, but I came up with one scenario that I thought the Jays could muster and wouldn't hurt their long-term franchise talent depth.

Send LHP Marc Rzepczynski, 1B Brian Dopirak, OF Jose Bautista, and either Johermyn Chavez or Moises Sierra in return for Matt Holliday.

It's only a sample scenario, but even if the Jays move 1 arm or 2 from the minors along with a bat or 2, they still have depth and can carry on next year if Matt moves on elsewhere. Travis Snider would be able to remain in AAA to develop fully and could still be a September call up or injury replacement if necessary. Either way, it relieves some pressure from the kid. Matt's presence would also be key because he's been there before - both in terms of races to get into the playoffs, and in playoff experience once they get in. If the Jays build up the experience they have by adding Matt to Scott Rolen's experience they could settle down what is a really inexperienced squad when playoff races and performances are concerned.

The Jays lineup with Matt Holliday included:

SS Marco Scutaro
2B Aaron Hill
RF Alex Rios
LF Matt Holliday
CF Vernon Wells
DH Adam Lind
3B Scott Rolen
1B Kevin Millar / Lyle Overbay
C Rod Barajas

That lineup can contend a lot more easily with the other AL East teams than the current lineup. Replacing Bautista with Holliday adds to all offensive areas and with his career average being so high, it will help the lineup turn over more often. However, as previously stated here, the major Achilles heel of the Jays is their entire lack of consistent pop in the lineup - and Matt would go a long way to helping them out in that category. The Jays don't really need a 40 HR guy if he hits .240, but if they spread out their pop to ensure they can always threaten to hit one out they will be able to have a lot more success than they currently do at scoring runs in bunches.

Let's say the Jays don't go get Matt Holliday and he ends up in Boston. The Jays will not only have to contend with the powerful Yankees combo of Arod and Tex, but will now have this lineup to contend with:

Dustin Pedroia
JD Drew
Kevin Youkilis
Matt Holliday
Jason Bay
Mike Lowell
David Ortiz
Jason Varitek
Jacoby Ellsbury
Nick Green / Julio Lugo

That lineup, along with Boston's superior pitching would all but ensure the Jays will not make the playoffs and would make us sellers. I'm not sure what Matt's preference is in terms of destination, but as far as I can tell from his interview he just wants to contend and get a shot. The scary part for us Jays fans is that Boston actually has a ton of pitching to deal. However, I do know they were looking to trade at least some of their pitching (1 or 2) for help at the catcher position long term. The Jays need to act and need to act quickly if they have any chance of making the playoffs this season. Go get Matt JP, then let the boys prove they have what it takes.

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