Jays Recall RP Dick Hayhurst

The Jays recalled RHP Dick Hayhurst from AAA Las Vegas today and simultaneously sent the hapless Brian Wolfe down to AAA in his place. Comparison of stats thus far in 2009:

: 2-4, 15 GP, 5 GS, 5.11 ERA, 37 IP, 29 Ks, 51 HA, 10 BB. Era over last 10 games has lowered to 3.65.
Wolfe: 7 GP, 8.1 IP, 8 Ks, 13 HA, 2 BB.

Although Wolfe was rarely used, he was definitely not dependable in the least. I'm not sure that Hayhurst was the best choice, but he has done much better as a relief pitcher thus far in 2009 than he has as a starter. The disconcerting part of his call up is that both righties and lefties are hitting over .300 against him, leading me to ask: what will his specialty be? I'm guessing that he'll be used in either substantial lead or substantial losing situations at first and may only get rare opportunities until he proves himself. I have to ask though, why not call up Jeremy Accardo who is very effective against lefties, has more experience in the bigs, and can feasibly fill-in for save opportunities if the pen needs the help? We all know that BJ can't be relied upon to help Downs out, so Accardo would make a whole lot of sense.

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