Jays 9, Royals 3

There are both good and bad news about last night's game. The good news is that the Jays took their bats and beat the crap out of the best pitcher in the AL this season. Maybe they got together before the game and said "let's do it for Doc guys", since it seems the Cy (thus far) may be going to one or the other. The Jays got to Zach early with a run in each of the first 2 innings, but really got to him most in the 3rd inning when they scored 4 runs against him. Some of the runs the Jays got in were due to inning extensions caused by errors (2 total). Overbay and Lind each homered off of Zach and Scutaro was his usual pesky self again with 3 doubles (all off of Greinke) and a walk. Romero, on the other hand, was able to finally show why he was kept with the Jays after spring training. His 3 earned runs came in the 7th when he labored a little and already had a 7-0 lead. He allowed 5 hits and had 5 Ks, and handed it over to Jason Frasor and Scott Downs who shut the door.

The bad is that it proves my theory about the previous night's game that Frasor or Downs should have been the 9th inning guy, and also that only slightly over 15,000 fans saw this game in Toronto: on a Friday night of all days. Come on Toronto, I know it's KC but the Jays need much bigger crowds if they're going to convince ownership to loosen the purse strings. If these tiny crowds continue and the Jays don't break out a winning streak of sorts, I guarantee that JP will trade Roy Halladay for 6-7 prospects because they can't afford not to. If crowd support isn't going to pay for Doc's extension, what will? If TO is going to win another championship sometime soon, it needs Doc as an anchor and hey, maybe he'll be the next guy to win 300 if he can last long enough. Wouldn't it be special if he won all 300 as a Jay?

Strange Jays Notes: The Rios Situation

- Drunk Jays Fan has a bang on post about the Rios video

- Tao of Stieb seconds the motion here

- Robert MacLeod chimes in here, but is dead freakin wrong (that's why bloggers are better than columnists). He says Rios should have known better, right. All he did was wear his heart on his sleeve. He wanted the win so badly that the outcome was still on his mind during the event and he was angry at himself for missing out on opportunities - THANK YOU ALEX FOR CARING!!! I call that a winner. Someone who gets seriously peaved when they lose because they hate the hell out of it. I just wish he'd show this kind of emotion on the field, but hey, at least now I know how he truly takes the outcomes seriously. Get over yourself Rob, you're no Saint either.

- I would like to chime in as well. Posting videos of guys refusing to sign autographs is just self-righteous. If you're so perfect maybe you don't deserve to be a fan and should set yourself up in your own little world so that nobody could insult your entitlement issues. It's a scribble of ink on paper for crying out loud!! It has value to kids, sure, but remember that the athlete or star has daily issues he has to deal with. Sometimes they get cranky, just like the rest of us. And hey, if one athlete never wants to sign autographs, it's his business. Just don't buy his jersey and refuse to stoop to getting as low as to post a video of him, because then YOU become the jerk and will be remembered as a whinny bitch.

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