Jays 5, Angels 6

Sometimes you just have to blame the manager. Cito is very responsible for yesterday's loss for different reasons. He is responsible because instead of bringing in Jason Frasor or Scott Downs in the 9th inning, he asked Brandon League to stay in there for another inning. I also question what went right in the pen, since Cito used Dick Hayhurst in a very critical situation during the 7th inning. Dick was just called up and thrown right into the fire in an intense game that was tied at the time. I'm all for pushing the guys to be ready to go at any time, but when you're in a pennant race and trying to play every game like it matters, throwing a rookie in a veteran situation may not have been necessary or the best option.

Look, Downs, Frasor, and League had not thrown since the weekend and so they were all very fresh. Roy threw a gem complete game Tuesday, Carlson - Camp - Ryan were used Wednesday, so why the hell didn't Cito pass the ball to Downs? Was he expecting extra innings? And who does that? To assume makes an.....you know the rest.

In the positive category Lind was absolutely awesome yesterday with 3 doubles and a 5 for 5 day. Overbay and Chavez both had 2 hits a piece, while the top of the lineup was dormant for the second straight day.

We need things to turn around fast here and Cito has got to re-learn how to use his pen. If the pitching coach is the one making the calls, then let Cito slap him around a little to wake him the hell up. We can't afford pen losses when the Yanks and Sox are ahead in the standings. I will admit the winning run was sneaky, but if Downs had been in the game I doubt the runners would have been there in the first place.

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