Tor 2, NYY 8; Tor 2, NYY 3 - May 13th, 14th Recaps

I've been away for a couple so get ready for a blitz of posts, there's a ton to cover in Jays land.

That the Yankees held the Jays to 4 runs over the last 2 game of the 3-game series surprises me. Not because their pitching isn't great, CC is a top 10 pitcher and I'm pretty sure Pettitte knows how to pitch, but because the Jays didn't get to the bullpen like I thought they might. The Yanks have one of the worst pens in MLB, but Aceves and Albaladejo threw shutout innings on Wednesday and the Yanks only needed Mariano for 1 inning on Thursday. The key to the Jays this season has been getting a ton of base hits that chase the starter early on and allows the Jays to punish the pen. Not being able to do this against the Yanks is what resulted in losing 2 of 3 in my opinion.

Offensively, Rios was the only successful hitter against CC with 2 hits including a big knock, but the rest of the lineup was fairly ineffective. Rolen was the only guys really effective against Pettitte and the pen on Wednesday, but Scutaro did draw 2 walks to go with a hit, making his day effective at lead off. The Jays need all cylinders going when they face the Yanks, Sox and Rays if they stand a chance of winning the series, hopefully they will get it next time around.

Richmond fell under the spell of the Yanks in Wednesday's game, looking frightened on the mound and definitely didn't trust his stuff as he had during his other starts. What changed is beyond me, but he was afraid to throw it over the plate and Cito was forced to take him out after 1.2 innings, a very short leash for a patient manager. The pen gave up 3 runs, including 2 from Murphy who has since been demoted to AAA in favor of BJ Ryan. As much as you can blame Richmond for Wednesday's loss, the same can't be said for Tallet who looked great Thursday and gave the Jays a chance for 2 of 3. He allowed 2 runs in 6 innings, but Frasor and Carlson uncharacteristically gave up the winning run, Frasor getting the blown save, and Carlson the loss.

Up Next: Bret Cecil faces the CHW and John Danks.

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