Jays 8, CHW 3 - May 15th Recap

Bret Cecil, welcome to #3 on the pitching staff. What a beginning to a very young career this guys is having for the Jays. Pitching as confidently as Roy would have if it was his turn in the rotation, Bret settled the Jays in and allowed them to build a big lead of 8-0 before allowing his 3 runs over 6 hits and 2 walks. Aaron Hill continues to dominate with 3/4 night with his 10th home run of the season. At this pace, Aaron will be the first 2B to hit more than 30 HRs in a Jays uniform. Lind, Scutaro and Rolen all had 2 for 4 nights, and the Jays turned 2 double plays with no fielding errors. All-in-all a good rebound game after 2 painful losses to the Yanks. The win should help the Jays forget about that series and let them begin another run to end the month of May. Only Rios and Wells did not get a hit in this game, and BJ Ryan threw a perfect inning in his return to the bullpen. If he can be effective as he once was, the Jays pen will be very dominant.

Next Up: Robert Ray (0-1, 6.00 ERA) goes up against Bartolo Colon (2-3, 4.88)

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