Yet another useless Ricciardi piece

Think about this. If you think of your workplace and you've had this boss all along who keeps saying things like "the competition's only better because they have more money" and "we have a winning company" at the same time, which are obvious contradictions that sink your company into a series of bad years. He gets fired because during his close to a decade tenure in your company, he wasted a ton of money on useless members of your company and watched guys leave for very little return, and you get a new boss. Then, imagine asking the old boss, who is now unemployed, his opinion on what should happen next, why things happened, and who's to blame for what......really? Come on, stop talking to JP!!! Nobody cares! And those who do are either misguided or angry that they can't get dumb quotes from Alex. We know JP screwed up, he knows he screwed up, and we all know that Roy was the last straw in a long series of dumb contracts and ineffective management.

Here is the newest useless JP article, for those fans who still like to hear his opinion.

It is the very last time I mention JP Ricciardi's name on this blog. Ever.

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