A small Request to BJD readers....

I know that many of you enjoy this blog, realize it is fairly new, and can tell from the hit count that the numbers are climbing and well above 200 per day. I wanted to encourage those who read this blog to take part in it with comments and by adding themselves as followers. The more I hear from you, the more knowledge and enthusiasm we all can share about the Blue Jays and it makes being a fan so much more interesting! Hope to see you added to the list soon!


- Mat


  1. Hi Mat,

    Just found your blog (thank DJF for the link) and I find your 'Prominent Bloggers' feature in the sidebar to be the best resource for a Jays fan searching for updates. Love the blog and the prospect updates. Keep up the good work and I'll keep checking in.


    Scott D

  2. Hi Mat, Enjoying your blog throught these LONG days of winter...

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  4. Thanks to all, including those who sent emails!