Scutaro Signs 2 year deal

As reported on MLBTR from various sources, Marco Scutaro has agreed to a 2 year deal with the Red Sox. As long as they don't sign anyone ahead of him as a type A FA, the Jays could net Boston's 1st rounder (29th overall) and a supplemental pick, but Boston is one of those teams that can afford to sign any of those ahead of Marco. It will be interesting to see where he hits in the lineup and whether that affects his performance in 2010.

If the Red Sox sign one of the following, the Jays would get the Red Sox 2nd rounder (58th overall) instead:

Matt Holliday
Jose Valverde     
Jason Bay  (inconsequential if he signs with the Red Sox, thanks for the pickup Scott)       
Johnny Damon    
Mike Gonzalez    
John Lackey, or     
Rafael Soriano   

It is probable that this will be the case and the Jays will get to enjoy their supplemental pick before they get to the pick gained from the Red Sox. History repeats itself for the Jays. Great system......

I could even see the Red Sox signing 2 of these guys (Holliday along with one of Gonzalez or Soriano), which would mean that the Jays would get the Red Sox 3rd rounder (87th overall).$&$%&^$%


  1. Mat,

    Although I'm as pessimistic as you that the Sax coud sign another type-A, you're misrepresenting the situation if they sign Bay. They would not give their own 1st pick back to themselves, so the Jays would still get the pick if Bay re-signs.

    If they sign Holliday then the Jays get hosed, as well as either of the former Braves bullpen guys (or both...)

  2. Lol, right....thanks for the pickup...I'll edit the list right now!