Jason Bay wants to Play in Seattle

We all knew they were a big possibility, and now it is confirmed (through Geoff Baker via MLBTR) that at least one of the two sides is very interested in getting a deal together.All that remains is for the Mariners to decide whether they want Jason badly enough to fork out some big money. I'm not sure if this "badly" wanting to play for the Ms is enough to give them a discount, doubtful, so the Ms will still have to make an offer in the same vicinity that the Red Sox make. What does this mean for the Jays? Our worst fears coming true. If they do lose Bay, the Red Sox only have a couple of choices offensively. Trade for Adrian Gonzalez, pick up a high risk high reward FA like Xavier Nady, or go after the last remaining bi stick FA in Matt Holliday. My bet is on the last one happening, which could take a while if Scott knows Boston is desperate.

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