Dawn of a New Era Redux

Beep Beep Beep, back that truck up!! There are rumors circling that the Jays will flip Michael Taylor right away, once acquired, and pick up Brett Wallace!! Well, if you read my post below, I asked how Alex would fill the 3B problems the Jays have and was assured he'd deal with it quickly based on his short track record. Well, it seems he keeps listening to my questions and answers them one by one! Adding Bret Wallace makes a ton of sense, and if you're worried about why Oakland would deal him soon after acquiring him, it's because they plan on using Adrian Cardenas at 3B and Jemile Weeks at 2B. And, unlike the Jays, they're filled up at 1B (the possible move position for Wallace who has just about average D at 3B) long term with Chris Carter coming up in 2010 and Daric Barton as a backup.

The "Redux" 2011 lineup.

 2B - Aaron Hill
LF - Yohermyn Chavez
CF - Vernon Wells
 DH - Adam Lind
3B - Brett Wallace
LF - Travis Snider
C - JP Arencibia
1B - Brian Dopirak
SS - Alex Gonzalez

1- Ricky Romero
2- Bret Cecil
3- Marc Rzcepczynski
4- Shaun Marcum / Zach Stewart if Shaun not healthy
5- Kyle Drabek

Assuming Chavez is ready by then, it looks like a very potent lineup. Wallace hit 20 HRs in 543 AB with a .298 average last season over AA and AAA while also dealing with getting traded halfway through the season. Neither of the deals are a certainty yet, but the Jays are active, aggressive in getting what they want, and filling the right holes. So I ask you, could Travis d'Arnaud also be traded for a SS from another club?

So far, however, if the Jays do get Brett Wallace (top 2 prospect in Oakland), Kyle Drabek (top 2 prospect in Philadelphia), and Travis d'Arnaud (4th prospect in Philadelphia), it looks like a great deal. With the alternatives being: 1) waiting to the deadline and being offered minimal stuff for 3 months of service or nothing since Roy's agent indicated he would not allow a trade at that point, or 2) getting the draft picks and waiting 3+ years for them to develop, this deal is pure genius by Alex and the Jays.


  1. I'm kind of surprised that AA isn't even letting the dust settle before he starts making even more moves. Thatta boy!

  2. I know! He's rocking it and multi-tasking big time. So he likes to stay in his room....big deal! If this is what he's doing, let him be! Is Starlin Castro next? The Jays could take Bradley back and send pieces like Scott Downs, Brian Tallet, and the newly acquired Travis d'Arnaud along with one more top-end prospect.....just a thought!