Bites from Day 2 of Winter Meetings

Here are some rumors making circles that involve the Jays:
  • MLB Bastien reports that Toronto execs have stated no player is untouchable. Wow, that would include the likes of Cecil, Rzepczynski, and Snider? Apparently, once this news made the rounds the Jays got a ton of action. Gee, I wonder why!
  • Lyle Overbay may be an interesting proposition for Atlanta, who may not want to give Laroche a multi-year deal with Freddy Freeman waiting in the wings. Thoughts on possible returns?
  • The priority for AA seems to be getting the right catcher. In my opinion, the Jays lost out big time when they let Ivan Rodriguez sign in Washington. I guess he was lured by the 2 year deal and the fact that Strasburg and Harper will need his mentoring. Makes sense to sign in Washington in this case. (a rarity)
  • Secrecy is the name of AA's game, a nice change of pace from the old Jays GM. We'll have to see if letting 1 person or 2 in his suite at a time bears fruit once the meetings are over.
  • The Rays moved into the fray for Doc with Wade Davis, BJ Upton, and Reid Brignac being possible returns. The Jays are also rumored to want to flip Upton if this kind of deal occured with the Rays.
  • The Dodgers are pretty much out of the running for Doc, but the LAA are still said to be strong contenders. The more Seattle adds to their team, the more the LAA will be hungry to land Doc. Got get'em M's!!
  • Boston seems to be losing their grip on Bay, who is popular in Seattle with everyone except the most important person - their GM, so it's a stale mate right now. Apparently Bay's shotty OF D is the issue with the M's GM.....I'm pretty sure you have an opening at 1B Sir. Just a thought. Either way, it seems our chances of keeping the 29th pick we got for Scutaro are dim.
  • Sadly, no news on anyone pushing to land Wells. Surprise surprise!
Pretty quite day 2 so far. Let's hope it's just the calm before the storm.


  1. Am I the only one noticing that you can't buy a Halladay trade rumor?

    Anthopolous should have been in the KGB...

  2. It is definitely encouraging that the chaos will be kept to a minimum. The speculation alone is enough to keep rumors going, so he doesn't need to stoke that fire.

    From what I've heard analysts say, it helps make sure all alternatives are looked at thoroughly and heightens the chances a deal gets done. Good stuff for the Jays if true.