Torrealba our next starting Catcher?

As reported on many sources, including MLBTR, the Jays are pursuing Yorvit Torrealba.

Excuse me while I bang my head against a wall. Yorvit....really.....the same Yorvit who has never hit 10 HRs in a season, the same Yorvit who has never had 400 AB in a season, the Yorvit with a .255 career average and .315 career OBP, the aging Yorvit who will be 31 in 2010? The most doubles he ever hit, while playing at Coors field, is 22 in 2007, otherwise his highest total is 17. Oh, please, go after this guy.....he's a gem! A diamond in the rough who is worth the millions we're going to throw at him!! If the Jays do sign him, and after the head scratching I've done once they signed Johnny Mac, I may have to take a year off from watching the Jays play. It won't be worth my time. Like I said, IF they sign Yorvit.

I don't believe they will - and certainly hope they don't.

He's injury prone and there are better options out there (including every minor league catcher the Jays have) such as Ivan Rodriguez, Greg Zaun, and Ramon Castro. I'm hoping that Alex doesn't burst my bubble of expectations I have for him by signing Yorvit, I really am.

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