Take 2 teams off the list of possible Doc suitors

In a report by an MLB executive, it has been confirmed that Doc would in fact waive his no trade clause in order to become a member of the evil empire. More interestingly, the same executive said that Doc would NOT agree to waive it for either the Minnesota Twins or the Texas Rangers. So we can automatically scratch those off the list of possible suitors. This gives us a ton of information - if the report is in fact correct.

1. It also takes the White Sox, Royals, Tigers, and Cleveland out of the running (surprise surprise) because if Doc won't go to Minnesota, who is favoured to repeat in the Central, well, he isn't going to any of the other Central teams.

2. It also takes Seattle and Oakland out of the running because they are not going to beat out Texas, and Roy wants to win now.

3. It is interesting that the executive named 2 AL teams. Can it reasonably be presumed that Doc wants to remain in the AL and wants nothing to do with having to take at bats in the NL? I believe so. I can't see him taking up hitting all of the sudden in his mid 30s and definitely see a lesser number of suitors in the NL to begin with. The only 2 that were reasonable were Philly and the LAD. LA could still have a shot because of the Torre factor, but I still believe Doc will push for a trade within the AL.

4. That leaves us with all AL East teams and the LA Angels. We know he's not going to go to Baltimore or Tampa Bay because neither team can afford to extend him 3-4-5 years. So the final list becomes: LAA, NYY, and BOS.

So just from hearing that report, if true, we can ween down the list of contenders for Doc to 3. If we can do this, those 3 teams certainly can. Add to that the fact that 2 are divisional rivals, and Alex's job is as tough as can be. LA can sit there and know they don't have to offer as much because they know the Jays would love to not have to deal Doc within their division. They also know that they're not under any real pressure to get another SP until Lackey signs somewhere. So, they low ball Alex until, they hope, he breaks and accepts a less than ideal deal.

Meanwhile, the Yankees and Red Sox are dreading the day they hear the report that their bitter rival has obtained Doc. Will it be the Yankees that can boast about a Sabathia, Halladay, Burnett, Pettitte, and whoever rotation, or will it be Boston that can boast about a Lester, Beckett, Halladay, Wakefield, Matsuzaka rotation. Either way, the other team becomes an under dog and will be under pressure to make a big signing to make up for it. Does that mean Lackey will wait to see if Doc is dealt to one in order to sign with the other? If I were him, hell yeah!!

If Doc is dealt to the NL I will be extremely surprised, and impressed that the team who acquires had the goods to drag him across that line. Although it would be the best scenario for the Jays, to deal Doc to CHC, PHI, or the LAD, it isn't in Doc's plans.

Having said all that, Jake Peavy had said no to the CHW before accepting a deal at the deadline, so I guess anything is possible when you get down to it. It's just highly unlikely.

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