Possible Overbay Destinations

The list of teams in the hunt for 1B help includes the following: Baltimore, Colorado, Atlanta, and Cleveland. The D-Backs also need some help at 1B and could become a match if another asset than Snyder is included since his health is a concern to the Jays.

So if that's the short list of matches (as long as he is dealt in a one-for-one trade), what are the possible returns?

Baltimore - the Orioles have Matt Wieters at C, so getting a C in return from them is not possible. The most likely return in this case would be Felix Pie (they have Markaikis, Jones, and Reimold). Other than that it doesn't seem like there's much of a match between the two.

Colorado - while the Rockies already have Helton playing 1B, he's not getting any younger and could be better off in the AL, which would allow him the opportunity to play DH once in a while. I'm not sure what the Jays would have to deal to get Helton in return, but this would make their lineup a lot more potent, even if Todd's power is gone. Other possibility would be Lyle for disgruntled Garret Atkins, who could still turn things around and qualifies at 1B/3B. The Jays could hope that either Garret or Edwin turns out a good 2010 season.

Atlanta - the Braves are more likely to re-sign Adam LaRoche, but if his demands are too high, he could land elsewhere and force the Braves to look for a 1B through trades. They are looking to move Derek Lowe's contract in order to get busy on the FA market. Would an Overbay for Derek Lowe trade work in this case? Seems like Overbay would be the perfect hole filler until Freeman takes the job for the Braves in 2010.

Cleveland - the Indians are looking for takers on Kerry Wood since they'd like to ease their salary commitments in 2010. Also, they have some questions concerning Matt Laporta's health and are said to be looking for a 1B as a result. The Jays, on the other hand, need to move Jeremy Accardo and also have Lyle Overbay to offer. Since the Jays would be taking on a hefty couple of million here, they could cenceivably ask for Jason Donald to be included. I see this as a good scenario, but unlikely to occur. So, Lyle Overbay and Jeremy Accardo for Kerry Wood and Jason Donald?

My bet is that the Jays will move Lyle to Atlanta for either some young SP help like Jo Jo Reyes, or to take on a guy like Derek Lowe who has experience pitching in the AL East. Getting Lowe would allow the Jays to move Roy without looking for an MLB ready SP in return.


  1. I think it's far beyond the realm of possibility that the Jays even consider, for one second, to take on the $45 million still owed to Lowe over the remainder of his contract.

    That's got "Blue Jays Buyout" written all over it.

  2. Well it depends, if they actually deal Roy (frees up 14.5 million), and Overbay (frees up 7 million), it still gives them a discount. Another option would be Jordan Shaefer, but I'm not sure the Braves would deal him for Overbay.