Trading Wells or Rios

As has been covered in the media, the chances of the Jays trading Wells and eating salary is slim to nil, so really the only trading chip the Jays have at the moment is Alex Rios. So, how much would a team be willing to pay for a guy who has 9 HRs and 13 SBs with a .260 avg over 323 ABs? It depends on whether it's a 1 for 1 deal, 1 for 2-3 deal, or whether the Jays include any other players. The best match for the Jays - the Giants.

The Jays could get a deal involving Alex Rios and ML pitcher Tim Alderson done since the Giants are looking for more offense and have plenty of SP depth in the minors to deal. Others that could be included in the deal include a RP from TOR and an OFer from SF, just to balance the deal and give the Giants a better shot at getting the wild card. I would add that a deal involving Rowand and Wells would not be out of the question, but doubt either one is headed anywhere. However, JP is on the prowl now because he wants to make sure he can sign Roy to an extension and needs the $$$ to do so. If he doesn't think he can get him signed to an extension this season and Roy indicates he only want to sign with a "winning" team, it will be sadly the time to deal him to a playoff team in return for a huge take. I'd hate to see it happen, but it would make the Jays so much better for the long term.

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